The Three Global R&D Centers

ZMAX Optics has established three major research and development centers in Jiaxing, Japan, Taiwan, and other places, fully connecting with excellent technologies and talents in the optical industry at home and abroad. It has an international research and development team that combines old, medium, and young people, and has industry-leading research and development capabilities in 4K/8K ultra high definition, ultra long focus, ultra high magnification zoom, ultra-low illumination, ultra long lifespan, optical stabilization, and small and lightweight; Multiple products have been recognized as national scientific and technological achievements, Zhejiang Province's scientific and technological achievements, Zhejiang Province's first "set" product, and Zhejiang Province's high-tech products; More than 200 authorized patents have been obtained, including over 70 authorized invention patents.


Jiaxing R&D Center


Taiwan Hsinchu R&D Center


Kishita Institute of Optics, Japan

R&D platform


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