Construction started on the eighth day of the first lunar month

Construction started on the eighth day of the first lunar month

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February 8, 2022

Company cafeteria first floor

In the Year of the Tiger, the tiger is full of strength;

The tiger and the tiger are powerful, and the work will start well.

I had a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holiday and put away a year of hard work and busyness. On the eighth day of the first lunar month, we start work!

The clarion call for a new journey has sounded. We return to work with a new look, forge ahead and pursue our dreams!



The company has prepared special start-up benefits for employees who work today. Depending on the results of the lottery, you will receive cash red envelopes or lucky prize packages. Each benefit expresses the company's full care and thoughtful blessings for everyone.

The employees were enthusiastic, well-organized, gearing up to try their luck, and the atmosphere was lively.

While everyone has received the company's care, they are extremely confident and motivated for their work in the new year!




Nucleic acid testing ensures safety, and the health of all employees promotes development.

At 10 a.m., Xiuzhou High-tech Zone took the lead and cooperated with Zhejiang Xin'an International Hospital to provide our company with "door-to-door" nucleic acid testing and sampling services, which facilitated employees to save time and effort and helped enterprises resume work and production.

Employees from all departments lined up in an orderly manner, actively cooperated with medical staff in their work, showed their health codes, and registered for nucleic acid testing.

Medical staff wore protective clothing and held disposable sterile swabs to extract the secretions from employees' throats, and scientifically organized ZMAX employees to take samples.

In less than two hours, nearly 400 people in the company successfully completed the sampling.




In-depth understanding of what companies think, need, and hope and do everything possible to help companies develop efficiently

At three o'clock in the afternoon, Wang Yifeng, Secretary of Xiuzhou National High-tech Zone, Cheng Haiming, Director of Xiuzhou Finance Bureau, Feng Xiaoning, Director of Xiuzhou Statistics Bureau and other leaders visited our company.

Zhang Jie, deputy general manager of our company, introduced to the leaders in detail the basic situation of the company, the problems encountered in the production and operation of the company, and the development goals and plans of ZMAX for the new year.

Through the introduction, the leaders had a comprehensive understanding of our company, expressed high appreciation for the achievements, and responded to ZMAX’s development demands such as employee recruitment issues and project declarations.

Secretary Wang said that he would pay close attention and actively coordinate to effectively solve the difficulties and pain points in the development process of the enterprise, help ZMAX create a new situation of high-quality development, and help ZMAX achieve a "good start".



In the new year, we are still dream chasers,

For those of us who are on the road of struggle, the road ahead will be long and difficult.

I hope you and I in the big ZMAX family will work together and move forward to welcome a more exciting year together!

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