Outstanding intern commendation

Outstanding intern commendation

发布时间:2022-01-13 15:03

On the afternoon of January 13, 2022,

The 2022 outstanding intern commendation meeting was successfully held in the company's lecture hall.

The commendation meeting was attended by directors, directors, section chiefs from various internship departments, as well as all students and leading teachers who participated in the internship.




First, the host introduced the relevant situation of the internship students, and then announced the list of outstanding interns.

10 outstanding intern representatives came to the stage to receive their awards. Leaders from each department came to the stage to award certificates of honor and cash red envelopes to the outstanding interns.





After the commendation, the deputy director of the manufacturing center and several award-giving guests expressed their gratitude to all the students and teachers who came to the company for internship this time.

I affirmed the hard work and dedication of all students during this period, and congratulated those who won this outstanding internship.

At the same time, several supervisors combined their own experience and professional expertise to provide constructive suggestions for the students' subsequent development.




Finally, teacher Wei Songtao from the internship school took the stage to speak. The teacher expressed his gratitude to the relevant department heads of our company for their cooperation and support.

Recognize the students' enthusiasm for participating in the internship and their performance during the internship, and at the same time provide guidance and education for the students' return to school and their studies after returning to school.



During this internship, which lasted for more than 3 months, each intern performed exceptionally well, worked conscientiously, devoted himself to the internship work with full enthusiasm, and successfully completed the internship goals.

Congratulations to all the interns for their achievements during the internship stage. Thank you for your contributions to the company. I wish you all the best to continue to make progress and reach new heights in your studies after returning to school.

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