The fragrant Laba Festival brings a rich feeling of love

The fragrant Laba Festival brings a rich feeling of love

发布时间:2021-01-20 09:42

"When you drink Laba porridge, you look forward to the new year."

Laba Festival, commonly known as "Laba Festival", has the traditional custom of drinking Laba porridge since ancient times.

On the morning of the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, in order to add festive color and enhance employees’ sense of belonging to the company, our company prepared exquisite Laba porridge in the canteen for employees to enjoy. Suddenly, the aroma of porridge overflows, making people feel warmer!


Let’s take a look first. The kitchen staff has been busy all morning, making Laba porridge~

We selected the best lotus seeds, red beans, longan, white fungus and other ingredients and carefully cooked them for several hours to make bowls of sweet and delicious Laba porridge!



Employees who drank Laba porridge were all happy and warm!




The distribution of Laba porridge this time further promotes the traditional culture of the Chinese nation and allows everyone to feel the deep care and warmth of our company for our employees after work~

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