October staff forum

October staff forum

发布时间:2020-10-16 17:10

October 16, 2020 afternoon

Staff symposium was held in the training room


In order to further pay attention to our employees, understand their ideological trends, and take effective measures to solve practical problems, our company conducts employee symposiums once a quarter.

Before the meeting, the company also prepared snacks and fruits for everyone.




At the beginning of the conference, heads of various departments spoke one after another.





At the symposium, the atmosphere was relaxed and warm. Everyone expressed their opinions and spoke freely, building a good communication bridge between leaders and employees.

The employees expressed their determination to contribute to the company's development and raised some problems that occurred at work and within the company, which were answered one by one by the leaders.




The leaders of each department also carefully recorded the issues raised by employees and responded to them one by one.



This symposium was held in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, which reflected the company's emphasis on new employees and was conducive to listening to employees' voices and answering their questions.

Improving mutual understanding among colleagues and leaders and helping new employees integrate into the collective better and faster are of positive significance to the company's long-term development.



At the end of the meeting, everyone took a group photo. The meeting achieved the expected purpose and was a complete success!

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