"Fire up the enthusiasm for table tennis and start the rhythm of ZMAX" national football competition

"Fire up the enthusiasm for table tennis and start the rhythm of ZMAX" national football competition

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September 18, 2020

6 p.m., gym on the second floor of the cafeteria


We held a national football competition with the theme of "igniting the enthusiasm for table tennis and starting the rhythm of China." Everyone enthusiastically signed up for this competition, which not only promoted the construction of corporate culture, but also enhanced the physical fitness of employees.



The atmosphere of this competition is two types: singles and teams, and adopts a single elimination system.

Group photo of top three men's singles



Group photo of the top three women's singles



Group photo of mixed doubles champions



Table tennis, as a traditional physical exercise method of the group company, has attracted more and more attention and interest from the employees.

Many employees use their spare time to play golf, which not only improves their skills, increases their enjoyment of life, and exercises their bodies, so that they have sufficient energy and physical strength to devote to their work;

And through this activity, communication and understanding between various departments were promoted and friendship was enhanced.

Through the competition, the employees' positive attitude and enterprising spirit were fully demonstrated, and the company promoted the atmosphere of building a harmonious enterprise.

The competition is held between many evenly matched athletes, which also makes the competition more exciting. You can see pen-hold shots, horizontal shots, spikes, spin balls, curve balls, etc.

Warm cheers and excited "good shots" were heard from time to time during the game.







I would like to sincerely wish all the award-winning players, and also wish that ZMAX’s national football matches will become more exciting every time.

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