Xiuzhou District Trade Union organized emergency first aid training in ZMAX

Xiuzhou District Trade Union organized emergency first aid training in ZMAX

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November 2, 2021

Lecture Hall on the third floor

If one day, an elderly mother faints on the side of the road,

Are you willing to lend a helping hand?

If one day, the innocent child falls into the whirlpool of life,

Are you willing to use kindness as a sail?

If one day, unfortunately, you have to have a race with death,

Do you have the ability to calmly respond and save yourself correctly?

In today's life, emergencies and potential dangers may occur at any time, and we need to master the corresponding knowledge of self-rescue and other-rescue.



On November 2, 2021, the Xiuzhou District Trade Union organized Xiuzhou District Red Cross training teachers to come to our company to carry out emergency first aid knowledge training. More than 30 people from our company signed up to participate in the training.

Also participating in the training were more than 20 employees from Jiaxing Longji Solar Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenglu Machinery (Jiaxing) Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Director Pu and Teacher Shen of Xiuzhou District Red Cross Society combined their many years of first aid work experience to teach everyone basic knowledge such as the purpose and principles of emergency first aid, emergency first aid procedures and precautions in simple and easy-to-understand terms.

On-site demonstrations and teaching were conducted around manual cardiopulmonary resuscitation and trauma first aid bandaging methods.



Subsequently, the trainees were divided into groups and performed a number of practical exercises such as adult chest compressions, bandaging for trauma and bleeding, and artificial respiration, and learned and mastered corresponding techniques such as the "Heimlich maneuver" and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

With the guidance of the training teacher, the trainees quickly mastered the essentials of movements and theoretical knowledge, and were basically able to successfully pass the subsequent practical assessment and the theoretical knowledge examination for ambulancemen.

Everyone learns first aid, and first aid is for everyone. "Emergency first aid training" is mainly to improve the emergency first aid capabilities of all employees and provide guarantee for building a safe and happy life.

The trainees who participated in the training also said that this activity was very beneficial. It not only helped them learn basic first aid knowledge, but also corrected their previous wrong perceptions.

It will bring useful help to future practical life and work.




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