2022 Intern Exchange Meeting

2022 Intern Exchange Meeting

发布时间:2021-10-26 16:12

October 26, 2021

Training room on the second floor

At noon on October 26, 2021, the management center took the lead in organizing interns from partner schools in our company to participate in an exchange meeting.

Participating in the meeting were Peng Zhehai, deputy director of the management center, heads of relevant departments such as the quality center, manufacturing department, and technology department, as well as more than ten school interns interning in our company.



At the meeting, the Human Resources Department gave a brief introduction to the company's overall situation, product areas, development prospects, etc., and explained the training and growth routes and career development channels for interns in the company.

At the meeting, several department heads introduced the work priorities, job prospects and personnel training plans of their respective departments.

At the same time, listen to the ideas of the intern students, understand their different needs, and answer the questions raised by the students on the spot.

My classmates have been interning in the company for some time, and you still have many doubts about your future development.

Director Peng Zhehai of the Management Center gives students development advice based on his own growth experience. At the same time, he encourages students to use the company's multi-channel job development system to give full play to their own advantages on the company's platform and strive to grow rapidly.




The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the input of fresh "blood". The company attaches great importance to the recruitment and retention of outstanding talents.

The company will also organize various intern care activities in the future to allow students to truly understand the company and allow the company to continuously optimize based on the opinions and suggestions of interns.

I hope that more students can come to the company for internships, and I also hope that the intern students in the company can overcome difficulties in their positions, continue their efforts, master more practical skills, and lay a solid foundation for their future career paths!

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