The company organizes the evaluation of intermediate and lower professional titles

The company organizes the evaluation of intermediate and lower professional titles

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October 9, 2021

Training room on the second floor

In the first half of 2021, the company applied for and became an independent review unit for intermediate and lower professional titles in Xiuzhou District. In August, the company began to organize professional title review work.

After the preliminary qualification review, professional knowledge examination, job competency evaluation and other links, today we organized the defense of intermediate professional titles and the voting for junior and intermediate professional titles.

The professional title evaluation committee consists of Professor Huang Fengli, Dean of Jiaxing College, Professor Chen Ruqing, Associate Professor Wang Jicai of Jiaxing Nanyang Vocational and Technical College,

It is composed of the company's party building instructor Min Jia (senior engineer), management center director Peng Zhehai, general manager assistant Sheng Yaming and others.






The leaders of the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security fully affirmed the company's independent review of professional titles and gave constructive opinions on the subsequent review of professional titles.

41 people participated in this independent review of professional titles, and 39 people passed the review and voting, including 18 people with junior professional titles and 21 people with intermediate professional titles.






The company attaches great importance to the training and growth of employees. In addition to this professional title review, we also organized an independent assessment of professional skill levels to assist relevant personnel in applying for a through-train review of senior professional titles.

We believe that through the dedication and efforts of all members and with the help of the company's various platforms, more outstanding personnel will obtain various qualification certificates in the future, and the company will continue to work hard to create more training environments and growth platforms for everyone.

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