Leaders of Jiaxing City and Xiuzhou District Economic and Commercial Bureau came to give guidance

Leaders of Jiaxing City and Xiuzhou District Economic and Commercial Bureau came to give guidance

发布时间:2021-07-22 15:07

July 22, 2021


Ma Yuli from the Jiaxing Municipal Economic and Commercial Bureau, Director Xu Xihua from the Xiuzhou District Economic and Commercial Bureau, the office director, party branch secretary, and labor union chairman of Taihua Group Company and other leaders came to ZMAX to guide the party building work.

Accompanied by Director Peng and the person in charge of human resources of the management center, they visited the office environment and exchanged corporate culture.



The leaders first came to the corporate culture corridor and visited the company's party building position, corporate culture club, and company event photo posting area.

During the visit, Mr. Peng gave a detailed explanation to the leaders.

At the same time, the leaders gave great affirmation to the company's corporate culture construction and heartfelt praise for the way corporate culture is displayed.




Afterwards, the leaders came to the conference room and sat down. The shots of the company's various categories displayed on the table gave them a more intuitive understanding of the company's products.

At the meeting, Mr. Peng introduced the company's development history, product research and development and future development plans.



Finally, the leaders watched the video clips shot by our company's cameras and put forward some relevant suggestions, hoping that the company would further improve in its future development.

In the future, ZMAX will use strict management concepts, strong product research and development capabilities and excellent products to better serve the market!

This visit ended successfully. I would like to thank Director Xu and his team for their investigation of our company!


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