Director Ruan Chunfeng and his delegation visited the enterprise with "three services"

Director Ruan Chunfeng and his delegation visited the enterprise with "three services"

发布时间:2021-07-15 15:00

July 15, 2021


Ruan Chunfeng, Director of the Management Committee of Jiaxing Xiuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone and Secretary of the Party Committee of Honghe Town, and other leaders visited our company to carry out "three services" to visit enterprises.

Peng Zhehai, deputy director of the management center, introduced the various types of lenses developed by the company in detail to the leaders. The samples displayed also gave the leaders a more intuitive understanding of our company's products.



After carefully listening to the product introduction, Director Ruan and his party, accompanied by Mr. Peng and the person in charge of human resources, came to the corporate culture corridor.

Mr. Peng successively explained the party building position, corporate mission, values, vision and other corporate culture.

During the process, Director Ruan expressed the ingenious conception of the party-building brand of "Beautiful and moist, wisdom in the future" and the construction of corporate culture in place.



After the visit, everyone sat down in the conference room. After learning about the company's information and company development,

Director Ruan put forward a series of guiding suggestions, encouraging our company to strengthen its development confidence, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and achieve common development between government and enterprises!

This visit ended successfully. I would like to thank Director Ruan and his team for their investigation of our company.


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