From home to home, all the way together

From home to home, all the way together

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This is a different trip

Don't look at the scenery

Let me walk with you on the road I walk every day

Let me show you the position I hold

Let you understand me better outside of life

Thank you also for your dedication to me



The family is a safe haven for every employee, and the company is the umbrella for every family. Every employee is the foundation for the stable development of the company, and every employee's family is the strong backing for the stable development of the company.

In order to make "everyone" and "little family" more closely connected, on July10 , ZMAX Optech specially invited 10 groups of family members to enter the company, visit and experience, and feel the warmth of "everyone" up close.




The family members visited the company canteen, office space, gym and other places to learn more about the company and its products, and to have a clearer understanding of what we are working hard for every day and what we are fighting for.

"Take you to play matryoshka dolls" pushed the entire event to a climax, and the event site became a joyful ocean of passion and family affection.

Fun games, generous prizes, laughter and laughter filled the hall, and each "small family" seemed to merge into one "big family".



The company prepared thoughtful "thank you gifts" for each group of family members who participated in the event. It is precisely because of the support and dedication of every family member that employees are given strong backing for their dedicated work.

"Family Open Day" not only provides an opportunity for everyone to get together, but also allows family members to better understand the work of their loved ones.

Through this event, our big family of ZMAX will be more harmonious and friendly. We believe that every ZMAX person will devote himself to the work he loves with greater enthusiasm and confidence.

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