Zong leaves are fragrant, laughter and welfare are received

Zong leaves are fragrant, laughter and welfare are received

发布时间:2021-06-11 14:37

It’s the Dragon Boat Festival again, and the fragrance of rice dumplings fills the company...



Whenever the festive season comes, all employees will feel the company's full care.

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival is no exception. Boxes of heavy rice dumpling gift boxes and greetings of good health during the Dragon Boat Festival are delivered to family members by leaders of various departments and party branch members, reflecting the company’s meticulous care.





It is easy to see from the smiling faces that everyone is happy in their hearts, and the gratitude of all employees can also be seen in the words of thanks.



Recently, while the company has achieved gratifying results in terms of management system and corporate efficiency, it also cares very much about the lives of its employees.

In order to improve employee happiness, we have organized and carried out many warm-hearted activities focusing on the lives of front-line employees, and various improvement measures are being implemented to create a warm and big family working environment for everyone and promote a win-win situation.

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