Cross-department communication training

Cross-department communication training

发布时间:2021-05-28 14:32

In order to improve the company's communication efficiency and improve cross-department communication and collaboration, on May 28, the company invited Mr. Huang Hui to come to the company to teach a course with the theme of "Cross-Department Communication".



The content of the course is divided into: the difference between three brains communication, the pain points of parallel communication, the three controls of communication, the four skills of cross-department communication, etc.



Teacher Huang leads everyone to learn a series of methods and techniques such as listening, empathy, thinking, information retelling and confirmation, and emotional control to reduce obstacles caused by incomprehension and lack of communication skills in parallel communication.




At the end of the training, everyone actively shared personal insights, reviewed key content of the course, thought about areas that could be optimized and improved in daily work, and applied these communication methods and skills to daily work.

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