Infocomm exhibition

Infocomm exhibition

发布时间:2020-09-20 14:19

On September 20, our company was invited to Beijing to participate in the InfoComm China exhibition.

InfoComm China is an exhibition dedicated to improving the professional level and visibility of China's professional audio-visual (Pro-AV) and interactive experiential communications technology (Experiential Communications) market.

It has become the first choice and most important platform for merchants, manufacturers and end users from various vertical industries in the professional audio-visual and interactive experiential communication technology industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Major exhibitors mainly display products and solutions from various industries such as video conferencing, industrial projection, education, live broadcast, and home use.



   Our company mainly exhibits three categories of products this time: optical zoom lenses (represented by F150), ultra-short focus light projection TVs, and movie lenses.

During the exhibition, customers were more interested in ultra-short throw light projection TV and F150 video conferencing lens.

    The company's exhibitors are divided into three major departments: sales, product department, and R&D. The sales department is mainly responsible for reception at the booth and the exchange of invitations and new products with old customers. The product and R&D departments are mainly focused on product and market research.

Through this exhibition, we can have a better understanding of the product specifications and demand in the market. At the same time, our company's visibility in the video conferencing and home and hotel projection industries has been greatly improved.






This event ended successfully. Our company's personnel gained a deeper understanding of the market demand, and at the same time, it also enhanced our company's visibility in the market.

This is a feast for the industry and a journey of harvest!

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