Technological innovation leads the trend, ZMAX Optics made a stunning appearance at the Shanghai CES exhibition

Technological innovation leads the trend, ZMAX Optics made a stunning appearance at the Shanghai CES exhibition

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  Recently, ZMAX Optech made a stunning appearance at the 5th Asian Consumer Electronics Show (Shanghai CES) with its module anti-shake products, 1/2.3 3.5X 12 million AF zoom lens and other new products. The concentrated appearance of ZMAX Optical's star products attracted many visitors to the exhibition. While they could experience the huge changes brought about by technological innovation at close range, the audience's understanding of optical lenses was also deeply popularized.




  As an important consumer electronics show in Asia, CES Asia will showcase 20 major categories of products in the fields of robots, home entertainment, smart homes, video products, outdoor sports, etc. that make human life better around the world.


  At the booth provided by the exhibition, ZMAX Optech gave a perfect answer, bringing consumers advanced technologies and products that better meet their needs, and continuously realizing the transformation from Made in China to Made in China Intelligent. Among them, a series of new products such as module anti-shake products and 1/2.3 3.5X 12 million AF zoom lens have aroused strong responses from the exhibitors as soon as they were exhibited.




  Module anti-shake products


  As one of the star products, the module anti-shake product has won great praise from the exhibition audience for its trend-leading anti-shake capabilities and unstoppable appearance charm. When designing the product, we overturned the traditional OIS and CCD lens anti-shake technology and directly "suspended" the entire lens module, which is called "module anti-shake".


  Searching for him in Baidu? With the module in hand, you have it all in the world


  This module anti-shake product has learned from the experience and lessons of traditional cameras that tend to blur the picture when walking or running fast. Through continuous research and exploration, the maximum anti-shake angle of the module can reach ±6°, which is far higher than that of similar models on the market. The product's anti-shake range ensures the stability of shooting under large-angle shaking, greatly expanding the applicable environment of the product.


  We no longer have to be "cautious" when shooting, but can let ourselves play freely and see all the Chang'an flowers in one day. Are you searching for him on Baidu? No, no, no, with the module in hand, you have the world.


  Powerful performance, fearless in the dark


  This product uses module anti-shake technology to improve the inability of edge image processing compensation technology to produce clear images at night, allowing the lens to produce clear and stable images in dim environments. It has powerful performance and is not afraid of the dark night.


  Not only can you use our products to have fun during the day, but you can also use them to create your own "Spring River Flower Moonlight Night" in the dark night.


  Small stature, big wisdom


  The size of the product is very small, with the overall volume of about 8cm³, which is less than the size of a table tennis ball. When used in portable (or wearable) mobile shooting equipment, it can make the shooting equipment more portable, easy to carry, and burden-free when traveling.


  In addition, the field of view of this module anti-shake product is much larger than that of lenses on the market, with a horizontal viewing angle of 120°, which can restore the shooting scene to the greatest extent, restore the shooting scene in all directions, and show the beauty in your heart in all aspects.


  Another star product of ZMAX Optech is the 1/2.3 3.5X 12MP AF zoom lens. The lens adopts advanced optical technology. On the premise of ensuring high resolution, large wide angle and no distortion, it is also compact and portable, which is in line with consumer requirements. meet the needs of lightweight and miniaturization.


  Matching both near and far, you can get both fish and bear's paws


  The 1/2.3 3.5X 12MP AF zoom lens has a high resolution of 12MP, which is another improvement over the 8MP of the traditional 4K lens. The lens can achieve 3.5x optical zoom, with a field of view of 90°, allowing you to capture beautiful scenery in a wide range. At the same time, the lens is designed to be distortion-free at all magnifications, retaining original details while maintaining a wide angle. In addition, the macro focusing function of the lens allows objects within 0.1m to be clearly imaged. Whether it is wide-angle observation or close-up capture, you can have both your cake and eat it!


  Compact and convenient, shooting more casually


  Taking into account today's consumer demand for lightweight and miniaturization, ZMAX Optech strived to ensure high resolution, wide angle and no distortion during the design and development stage of the 1/2.3 3.5X 12MP AF zoom lens. At the same time, the size and weight of the lens are minimized. After repeated research and testing, the final lens has a total length of only 50mm, a diameter of 23mm, and a weight of only 28.6g, which is roughly equivalent to the weight of half an egg. It is compact and convenient, making shooting more casual, and blockbusters are within reach!


  During the three-day exhibition, a series of new products from ZMAX Optech attracted widespread attention from exhibitors. In the future, ZMAX Optech will continue to use technological innovation as the driving force, strive to consolidate its own strength, and provide customers with better products and more comprehensive services.

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