Li Jun, deputy secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee and mayor, and his delegation came to our company for investigation

Li Jun, deputy secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee and mayor, and his delegation came to our company for investigation

发布时间:2022-10-31 19:33

On the morning of October 31, 2022, Li Jun, deputy secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, led a delegation of principals from the Jiaxing Economic and Information Bureau and the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to investigate special and new "little giant" enterprises and made a special trip to ZMAX Optech. Vice Mayor Ni Huping, former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Zhuo Weiming, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government Zhu Shaoping, Deputy Secretary of the Xiuzhou District Committee and District Mayor Liu Dewei and other leaders accompanied the investigation.

Zhang Pinghua, chairman of ZMAX Optech, led the company's main management to give a warm reception.

Chairman Zhang Pinghua expressed a warm welcome to Mayor Li Jun and his delegation, and gave a comprehensive introduction to ZMAX Optech’ strategic development, scientific research and innovation, talent introduction, company operations, etc., as well as its focus on digital security, smart terminals, drones, film and television Main products and core achievements in culture and other fields.

ZMAX Optech focuses on the development strategy of high-end optical lenses. With its established global R&D system and international R&D team, it provides ultra-high-definition optical lens products and services to emerging industries such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to strengthen the foundation of my country's artificial intelligence industry chain. technology and innovation capabilities.

During the investigation, Mayor Li Jun was very interested in the products and technologies of ZMAX Optech. He often stopped and inquired in detail about the characteristics, application fields, intellectual property rights, etc. of the products.

During the visit, Mayor Li Jun and his entourage personally felt the high-tech feel presented by ultra-high-definition high-magnification optical lenses and the immersive feeling of high-end smart home products.

Mayor Li Jun fully affirmed ZMAX Optech’ achievements in technological innovation and business operations, and also put forward requirements: “Increase investment in research and development, enhance core competitiveness, occupy a larger market share with innovative technologies; focus on the main Industry, deeply explore subdivided fields, expand application scenarios, and maximize optics as the eyes of artificial intelligence; and hope that ZMAX Optech can become more specialized, refined, bigger and stronger from a new starting point.

ZMAX Optech will continue to adhere to the core values ​​of "pursuing excellent quality, cultivating useful talents, and creating social wealth", practicing the corporate mission of "leading the industry with innovation, creating value with technology, and serving customers with quality", focusing on "visual-oriented" "Core high-end optical lens products and service provider" corporate positioning, strive to realize the corporate vision of "making the future world clearer, brighter, and better", and make unremitting efforts to create a smart, clear, and beautiful future world.

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