ZMAX in China Public Security Expo.

Release date:2016-11-02

The 2016 CPSE in October 25th to 28 was held in the Chinese international exhibition center, the scene attracted about 10000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries and regions .

ZMAX with the newly developed F.0.7 super star PLUS lens, 36X4K lens,dual fish-eye lens and a number of products to participate the exhibition .and demonstrated the company's mature industry solution, get a widespread concern and recognition form the peers ,media and visitors.


During the exhibition E4 hall K15 full of people,many people in ZMAX exhibition stand stop to watch ."how can it be so clearly in such a dark environment."said Mr LI form Beijing while he was watching F0.7lens testing in darkroom.

OF course,The most eye-catching product to the audience is the F.0.7 super star lens, showing everyone that nothing can hide away in the darkness. Many visitors who went into the exhibition to experience. have repeatedly issued praise.Classically, The F1.2 lens has been super star level in 0.001lux ultra low illumination color imaging, and F0.7 lens , F0.7 equivalent to three times the F1.2. which was worthy of the name "super star PLUS".


In addition, we showed our dual fish-eye lens which can support 720 degree panorama shooting. It consisting of two 200 degrees fish-eye lens,reentrant optical path to make the overall structure miniaturization. Based on this design, non shooting area and parallax decrease . and observation  field has been greatly  expanded. This one also attract a lot of attention.


CPSE is the leader in the security industry, ZMAX is not only showing market users and industry colleagues on the products of the new generation of expectations, is also the "originality" of recognition, but also reflects the new trends in science and technology.

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